An endless history and its laws - Acceleration


一部無限的歷史與它的定律 - 加速度



An endless history and its laws -Acceleration

If the relation of time and space is endlessly running, we live on this planet simply because of gravity. Time is the force of flow, and although we attempt to stop our progress towards old age and nonexistence, the passing of time is inevitable and cannot be stopped.

We were born within regulations and social norms, and have always struggled for and chased something in our lives. The toy car and hex nut are my comparisons to a man-made track; in the process, they would rub, wear out, become taut and become loose. With this work, I have tried to develop a mode of interaction between lives and the world, and hence extract an eternal state of regression. With the motion of the objects and the dynamic change of on-site implementation, they embody my three statements of enquiry and artistic exploration: ‘existence, right here, in this moment’, ‘humans are rational because we are not like machines’, and ‘what reasons are there for humans to move on?’