Eternal variables

Time is an eternal variable for those of us who are affected by the passing of time.

Eternal Variables
Metal, Motor


從近年蔡宜婷「一部無限的歷史與它的定律」系列作品中,時間與距離是其嘗試說明的對象,玩具小車與螺帽在不同的跑動中開啟物理學的假想,其作品也能看到關懷舊時代人與機械的工業文化,與對應著當代社會變遷的探討。曾於半夜跟蹤大度路承德路一段的垃圾車,記錄下「測量計畫 - 地磅 / 斤兩」,一個關於掂量人類存在的行動與測量。或整理自身的撿拾行為「新青年合宜住宅計畫」,在街道回收共計45件的物品,經由撿拾、修復、共存的三階段行為,執行為期半年的生活創作計畫,嘗試討論生產線上的汰舊換新與剩餘價值,幾近如我們───比擬人的想像。

Time is an eternal variable for those of us who are affected by the passing of time. If glass collects memory in a way that is similar to how films accumulate light, sceneries absorbed by windshields must resemble a ray of warm light. Windshield wipers are activated when the vision becomes blurry and reveal the view ahead; the wipers may be able to eliminate the barriers of distance but are unable to discard thoughts of far-flung places.
The main composition of this kinetic installation is one windshield and two windshield wipers. The objects become vessels for memory while the rhythmic movements of the windshield create blurry changes of light and shadow.
Tsai’s recent work series An endless history and its laws is an attempt at interpreting time and distance, inspiring imaginations on physics through the motions of the toy car and nut. Tsai’s works also convey sentiments toward human labor and the industrial culture of machinery and explore its correspondence with changes in contemporary society. The artist once tailed the garbage trucks of Dadu and Chengde Road, which induced the Measurement Project, a venture that calibrates the actions and measurements of human existence. Youth Affordable Housing Project is a creative life project stretching over six months; the work presents 45 objects recycled from the streets and involves the three stages of

collection, repair, and coexistence, exploring the topics of replacing the old with the new and surplus value, which become analogies for human existence.