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Somewhere in time

運作的物件是一輛玩具小車,它無盡的向前行進,因運轉而成立的時空,渺小即逝,只存在此時此刻。對物件自我投射的真實身體官經驗, 從小車投射的糢糊風景暗喻,是一路上追尋的過程,不是終點的目的地。



It stopped. I took it home and made a belt, for it to run ceaselessly.

Tsai, Yi-Ting bought a second-hand toy car and made a belt for it to run ceaselessly. As the belt runs, and constantly the car runs forward as well. Its life seems extended; it is a constant pursuit of an unreachable destination, nevertheless. On this stretched belt of time, the future it marches to turns into the past instantly. “Here and now” becomes the picture of life for the toy car, as the journey beyond lays out the blurred prospect projected on the windshield.

Should time and space be relative, individuals in the world appear to strive for establishing a reference system of their own on top of the respective experiences. Through an aloof motor device, the artist transformed her lone driving experience at night into a toy car that progresses slowly in solitude, demonstrating a never-ending loop of desolation at the end of the road. Through the micro space-time formulated via the toy car, she explores the paradoxical relationship between progression and stagnation while reconsidering the meaning of existence.

"To be is the here and now"
It had stopped moving. I brought it home and made it a conveyor belt to keep it moving forward.
It all began with a small toy car I saw in a flea market. I made a conveyor belt for it. The belf churns nonstop. The toy car moves but stays in one place. The future immediately becomes the past. The churning gives the car a sense of being; being is the here and now. The car is so small, the future immediately becomes the past. Once gone it is gone forever. Everything is in the here and now.